Our innovation is closely related to many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

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The Spinnova fibre is the most sustainable fibre in the world, both from a raw material and manufacturing process aspect.

Firstly, the fibre’s raw material is micro fibrillated cellulose made of FSC certified wood, which supports responsible forestry. Wood is a natural, renewable resource that needs little tending nor watering, unlike e.g. cotton plantations.

As we are still testing fibre qualities with several types of cellulose, we cannot disclose the delivery chain further just yet.



Secondly, our manufacturing process is highly stingy with energy and water consumption. When it comes to water consumption, compared to cotton production we use 99% less water in our process.

We also use no harmful chemicals, and there are no waste streams in our process. This is unlike any textile fibre process anywhere in the world.

Our technical process

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