As we approach 2020, we find ourselves in a situation where the global population’s demand for cellulose-based textile fibres can no longer be ecologically fulfilled with existing materials.

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Climate action needs scale and volume

The recently published IPCC report on how fast climate change is happening reminded us of the harsh reality of this worrying fact. Millions of people around the world are thinking: what can I do? What kind of an impact will my actions have? Does it help if I cut back on flying, recycle my plastics…

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Spinnova attracts new financing and investment

Spinnova has recently carried out financing and ownership arrangements that will ensure the next phase in the company’s growth story. Developing the world’s most sustainable textile fibre, Spinnova will ramp up its pilot factory in Finland this year. Financing from the Finnish public funding agency Business Finland and OP Bank will support the factory investment….

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