Our reason of being, our why, is that we want to make the world a better place with our skills and experience of cellulose.

We want to help fill the sustainability gap in the demand of cellulose-based textiles, while making the textile industry much more sustainable.

We want to use our superpowers for the good of the planet.

What’s the cellulose gap?


Our vision is a more sustainable textile industry, where sustainable cellulose-based materials are a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and preferred option for brands, and available to all consumers.

Our preferred business models are directly derived from our vision.

What are they?


Our mission is to provide the textile industry with the most sustainable fibre in the world, produced with minimal harm to the environment, at a reasonable cost.

Contact Us.

We are available for any questions or messages concerning us and our product. Please note that we currently send samples to selected partners only, once cooperation is underway.