Meet our Team

This is our team of experts, all passionate about cellulose and creating sustainable textile fibre – using our superpowers for the good of the planet.


Janne Poranen
CEO, Co-Founder

Janne looks at the bigger picture for us, as he is the CEO and co-founder of Spinnova. Before spinning the business off from VTT with Juha, he headed VTT’s Fibers and Bio-based materials research area. This PhD in physics is a hybrid of scientist, industrial expert and entrepreneur. Janne is adamant that Spinnova can and will be the most sustainable fibre in the world. He relaxes by playing ice hockey, hunting or escaping the everyday to his cottage.


Juha Salmela
CTO, Co-Founder

Juha is the CTO and co-founder of Spinnova with Janne. Prior to inventing the method for spinning fibre out of cellulose, Juha was a team leader of VTT’s rheology and process flows team. Experimental research of fibre suspension flows was the main focus of his research. Juha has also led several large industrial process development projects. Juha brings both systematic development and a nutty professor kind of experimental spirit to the team. On his time off he does a variety of sports with and without his two children.


Emmi Berlin
Head of Communications

With her 15+ years in corporate communications, investor relations, marketing and key account management, Emmi is Spinnova’s voice. She speaks fluent chemist, engineer and physicist, and has an eye for what’s interesting to the world about us and our story. Prior to joining Spinnova, Emmi has mostly worked in heavy industry, most recently in renewable energy. She enjoys writing and a meaningful rapport with interest groups that share our passion for sustainability. Emmi is a foodie who hates flying but loves to travel.



Petri Poranen
Chief Financial Officer

Petri is the all-seeing number cruncher who helps us make our plans a financially viable reality. Before joining us, Petri had already been part of our journey for a year, as an outsourced CFO with his own company until he couldn’t resist the calling of our eventful company. His main background, 15 years in various financial and leadership positions with Huurre, will come in handy. Petri brings healthy reason and challenging to the team. This dad fits right into our group as he cycles a lot, plus secretly plays folk music on his acoustic guitar.

Sanna Haavisto
Specialist, Product Development

Sanna is an industrial physicist and our all round software and automation expert. She’s been involved in creating the technology for our process from the start; designing and building production and testing environments. Sanna is also involved in new product development. Prior to joining Spinnova, Sanna was a senior scientist at VTT’s rheology and process flows team. Sanna loves all things tech; inventing something and seeing it work. In her free time, she studies more tech and the surrounding world, plus renovates the “shack” (she says) of her allotment.


Pia Vento
Laboratory Manager

Pia is in charge of the heart of our operation; careful preparation of the fibre mass and quality analysis of the staple fibre we produce. With over 20 years in VTT’s paper and fibre process functions, Pia is the seasoned queen of project management, leadership and process development. She gets the most kicks out of inventing and applying; fully using all of her experience for research. This process development engineer, chemist and qualified teacher loves studying. Her other hobbies include workouts and Swedish detective stories.

Johanna Liukkonen
Specialist, Product Development

Johanna is one of the first people that joined Spinnova and hence, has diverse experience of our process and product. These days she focuses on product and raw material development in our pilot scale environments. Johanna too has a VTT background of six years in the rheology and process flows team. You can’t get away with vague answers to this paper technology engineer’s questions. She supports the team with thinking on her feet and her precise, pragmatic approach to things. Johanna is an outdoorsy dog person and loves Finnish nature.

Arto Salminen
Specialist, Raw Materials

Having grown up near a historic paper mill, cellulose runs in the family for Arto. Before joining us, he developed water soluble polymers and cellulose-based composites for a decade with Aalto University. Arto can mostly be found in our lab, where he likes to get his hands dirty in various new material projects. His passion is innovation; finding information, inventing, testing new ideas and seeing how they play out. Arto spends his time off working out, fishing, and growing chillies.

Pasi Selenius
Specialist, Process Development

Pasi plays a key role at Spinnova. He’s the orchestrator of our process development; putting the pieces of intricate details together. Before joining Spinnova among the first employees, Pasi was a senior scientist at the rheology and process flows team at VTT. He is experienced in experimental research of foam forming and operational paper making development on an industrial pilot scale. Pasi is a family man and a lifelong student, whose bedtime reading is what’s new in physics and technology.

Markko Myllys
Specialist, Process Development

This hardcore scientist is the theoretical mastermind behind our process development. Markko has a PhD in applied physics, and he is a former lecturer of fluid dynamics at the Jyväskylä university, and a visiting scientist specialised in x-ray tomography in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Experienced in projects and leadership, he has also been involved in various industrial projects. Markko leads an ecological life that includes cycling a long way to work – hence, he has truly found a job to match his values.

Karri Björklund
Laboratory Technician

Spinnova is Karri’s first job as a laboratory technician. Karri focuses on measuring and analysing fibre qualities. He absolutely loves his very meticulous job. Having also studied electronics, he is always up for any ad hoc technology development that we do a lot of. The best part for Karri is when he gets a great result and tells everyone else the good news. Karri is a handicrafts kind of guy who also downhill skis in the winter and roller skates in the summer.


Leena Ruusuvirta
Specialist, Raw Materials

Leena is a chemist and industrially-minded cellulose scientist. She joined our team after working for VTT and catalyst manufacturer Dinex. Leena has a cross-functional role, and can be seen in both the lab and the hall; i.e. raw material testing and characterization, test method and process development. Leena is also our health, safety and environmental management expert. This mum cycles to work, works out and studies environmental law.




Jari Povelainen
Process Technician
Sami Kyröläinen
Laboratory Technician
Pekka Järvelin
Process Technician

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