Our innovation and business rationale is based on the biggest megatrend of the planet: a growing population and the limited capacity of the environment to bear it.

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With more mouths to feed, land is needed for farming of food instead of cotton. With more people to clothe, the demand of textile fibre will also increase significantly. At the rate that this is going, we will simply run out of textile fibre with the current material base. Guess what doesn’t require tons of land, water and chemicals to grow? Trees.

Cellulose is a natural solution

The growing demand of fibre and the declining availability of cotton create the so-called cellulose gap. It means that about one third of textile fibres used in 2030 would need to be cellulosic. Cotton can be replaced with man-made cellulose fibres or real cellulose-based fibre. Scientists like us are working hard to present commercially and ecologically sustainable solutions that brands can utilize.

Produced with minimal water and energy consumption, the Spinnova fibre also helps fight climate change.

Awareness on the rise

Another mega trend we tap is simply the growth of conscious consuming. More and more people want to make sustainable material choices and help mitigate the effects of the environmental crisis of our planet. After all, a change for the better starts with individual choices.

Conscious choices should also not be a luxury of the few, but attainable to everyone. Our vision is to make ecological, cellulose-based fashion and other textiles an everyday, affordable commodity in the future.

These are the reasons why we believe that Spinnova fibre will be revolutionary in the textile industry and replace some of the less ecological fibres in the long haul. In any case, it is the most ecologically sustainable fibre there is.

Data source: Lenzing & Pöyry

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