Our product is staple fibre. It is white, fluffy but firm wool that is as warm as lamb wool. Its stretch and strength qualities are very similar to those of cotton. Depending on the application, we can make the fibre water repellent or absorbing. The fibre mass can be dyed even before the wet spinning phase.

The fibre is suitable as-is for spinning into yarn and knitting or weaving into fabric or non-wovens elsewhere.

Raw Material

The raw material of our fibre is pulp, made of FSC certified wood. This is our spearhead at the moment, but we believe that almost any type of cellulose is equally suitable for this method. We are gradually looking into straw and other plant-based cellulose.

The pulp that we use is mechanically refined into a very fine, paste-like material called micro fibrillated cellulose (MFC) that’s ideally suitable for our process. MFC is a side product of cellulose producers that is mostly produced on a small scale, for small volume products such as cosmetics.


Spinnova fibre
Fibre made of bleached, untreated and coloured fibre mass.


Our objective is that our fibre is used for various textiles in the fashion and home textiles industry, both as fabric and padding. We are also in the process of developing the fibre to suit e.g. wipes, filters, packaging and medical textiles, as well as bio composites in different industries. Please note, however, that the fibre is still in an R&D stage.

Sustainability facts

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Please note that our fibre is still a work in progress. Therefore we cannot disclose final, validated technical qualities or product data for now.

Please note that we currently send samples to selected partners only, once cooperation is already underway.

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We are available for any questions or messages concerning us and our product. Please note that we currently send samples to selected partners only, once cooperation is underway.